Shuttle service from Waynesville, Canton, and Asheville is provided by Leap Frog Tours on Saturday onlyClick here to visit Leap Frog's website and reserve your seat on the luxury shuttle van. Space is limited.


 Click to book your ride!

Click to book your ride!

Pick-up Shuttle Times:

Shuttle 1: Times and Routes 

                      11:00am:    Asheville Earth Fare
                      11:30am    Canton Ingles
                      12:00pm:    At Lake Logan

                      2:00pm:    Asheville Earth Fare
                      2:30pm:    Canton Ingles
                      3:00pm:    At Lake Logan
Shuttle 2:   Times and Routes
                     11:30am:   Waynesville Ingles - Russ Ave
                     12:00pm:    At Lake Logan
                      2:30pm:    Waynesville Ingles - Russ Ave
                      3:00pm:    At Lake Logan

Return Shuttle Times:  

Shuttle 1:     7:00pm    Lake Logan
                      7:30pm    Canton Ingles
                      8:00pm    Asheville Earth Fare

                     10:00pm    Lake Logan
                     10:30pm    Canton Ingles
                     11:00pm    Asheville Earth Fare

Shuttle 2:     7:30pm    Lake Logan   
                      8:00pm    Waynesville Ingles - Russ Ave
                     10:00pm    Lake Logan
                     10:30pm    Waynesville Ingles - Russ Ave