Camping is available at Cold Mountain Music Festival. Stay in one of the most pristine and breathtaking places in Western North Carolina, and enjoy a full weekend of amazing music and wonderful community. 

Camping spaces are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Claim your camping space on the ticket page. 

How much are camp sites?

Tent sites are $75 for two nights. Even if you are only planning on staying one night, you must pay the full amount. 

What size are the camping spots?

Each space is 20 x 20. 

Can I bring a camper or RV?

No campers or RVs allowed. Camping spaces accommodate tents only.

Can I park in my vehicle at my campsite?

If your vehicle fits in the 20 x 20 space, you’re welcome to park it alongside your tent. Otherwise, you can move it to the nearby parking lot. If you choose to park at your campsite, you may not drive through the festival to leave during festival hours.

Can I have a fire at my campsite?

While there are no individual fires permitted, we will have staff & volunteers tending communal fires for our guests.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

You may bring your own food, but no individual fires or camping stoves are allowed. Outside food and beverages must stay in the camping area. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. We will also have a variety of food and beverage vendors on both days of the festival. Please support our vendors.

A pick-up Saturday breakfast is available at the dining hall for $8 plus 7% tax. A full Sunday breakfast is available for $12 plus 7% tax ($6 for ages 5 to 12). Reservations are required. Check back later for the reservation link.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, your well-behaved dog is welcome at Lake Logan. There is an additional fee of $10 CASH per animal which will be collected at the gate. You are responsible for the behavior of and cleaning up after your pet. Animals must remain on-leash. We reserve the right to require you remove your pet from the property.

Are there showers?

There are not showers for camping sites. There are port-o-potties and spigot for fresh water.

When is check-out?

All campers must have their space cleaned up and vacated by Noon on Sunday. You may continue to enjoy the lake until 5 PM.